Monday, 1 October 2012


For those of you who were vigilant watching Location, Location, Location last Thursday at 8pm you will had seen a brief glimpse of the shop window and some arty shots of me teaching sewing through the window! Not quite my 15 seconds of fame but it did remind me to post up my ideas for an Autumn decoration that I now have hanging in the window. Last Autumn was beautiful in Regents Park and I picked up my favourite leaf shapes, conquers and mushrooms to inspire my Autumn Bower.

I then made patterns from these shapes.

I then cut out the shapes in a variation of Autumnal colours in felt and then grouped them together in an attractive way using a strip of calico to attach the shapes on to.

Then I also used stitching lines to accentuate the leaves shapes and add movement and energy to the whole piece. I made an across row and two down rows as if it would hang around a fireplace.

You could use this principle to make all sorts of bower decoration and the great thing is you can put them away and easily get them out again next year.
Happy creativity! 
Here are my favourite Echino seasonal fabrics available in the shop today.

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